Bike Odometer


Tellaride is an intelligent Bike Odometer system that Jon Silberstein, Casey Duckering, and I designed and built. It is a motion sensor that sits within a bike wheel and pairs with an iPhone app so that a biker can get realtime feedback on their bike ride. Computed kinematic quantities, like speed and altitude, are sent and saved on a cloud server. The biker can also formulate natural English queries on the iPhone that can then be reformulated as STL formulas and evaluated by a STL checker running on a cloud server.

Tellaride Schematic

Schematic of Tellaride, showcasing how information flows from one piece of hardware to another

The Bike Odometer is powered by a FRDM-K64F (shout out to Andrew Chen for his donation!) and has a Pololu AltIMU-10 v4 9DOF chip for sensing and Sparkfun BLE Mate 2 chip for wireless communication.

Bike Odometer Hardware

Electronics hardware for the odometer

The iPhone app allows the biker to input natural English queries like “Did I bike over 250 meters?”. English queries are reformulated as STL formulas by a cloud server and then evaluated against the rider’s record kinematic data.

Biker Inputting Query
iPhone pop up notification when STL is true

Bikers can input, or select from presets, queries they want to evaluate on their iPhone Once the inputted query becomes true (ex. Once you have biked 250 meters), the iPhone will display a pop up alert notifying the biker

For a full discussion on our project, check out our code on Github and our report.


Jon Silberstein riding the bicycle in Hearst Mining Circle so that we can collect real data.